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sunshine [at night]

A Worcester native and recent winner of Worcester's Best Electronica Artist, Sunshine had been working for many years to grow Worcester's music scene by putting on community-focused events, concerts, and offering high-value recording studio services to musicians of all kinds.


Sunshine [at Night] is an electronic music project inspired by the sounds of 1990s house and techno raves. Every performance is made live with analog synthesizers, vocals, samples, effects, and is fully improvised. Sets typically revolve around hypnotic acid sounds with generous use of Rhodes electronic pianos and layered vocals.


Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 7.51.28 PM.png

Irwin has been in the electronic music scene for over two decades offering his distinct deep tech sounds, subtle grime, progressive melodies, and moving bass lines. Irwin is known for representing a melodic approach with a sprankle of hypnotic tribal techno from sundown to sun-up.

He has played from Boston to Palm Springs, Denver to Detroit's Movement Festival, and impromptu downtown park events.

"My intention is to uplift and connect."

A recent transplant to Boston he now produces his own music and looks forward to continue the evolution, creating wonderful memories with other like-minded individuals, and getting down in Bean Town.


jonathan santarelli

Jonathan is the manager behind experiential production conmpany and boutique record label, Magic Land Entertainment and Magic Land Music.

A passion for all genres. Jonathan's musical tastes span from house, techno, to progressive. He constantly pushes the boundaries with his original music and remixes. There's no denying his versatility - he knows exactly how to get the crowd moving.



Join the Crew

If you're interested in joining our talented lineup, reach out on our Contact Page with a demo link, and bio.

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